We are a reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of superior quality Process Monitoring and Control Equipment. In addition, we also provide our clients highly reliable Automation products.

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Other Products

Clients are offered a diverse range of Digital RPM Indicators. Made using advanced technology and quality raw material, these are renowned for their long lasting nature, safe and sturdy built. With assistance from our highly qualified engineers and designers, we are able to update our products with the international trends of market. Further, these indicators are available in standard and customized finishes.
Technical Specifications
MODEL RPM-1201 RPM-2201 RPM-3201 PI- 401
MODEL RPM-1201 RPM-2201 RPM-3201 PI-401
Dimensions (H x W x D) 96x96x65 (Drg. -A) 72x72x85 (Drg. -E) 48x96x85 (Drg. -G) 48x48x100 (Drg. -K)
Display RED, 4-Digit, 0.4 RED, 4-Digit, 0.56 RED, 4-Digit, 0.4
Input NPN/PNP Proximity Switch Range 4-5000 RPM
Pulse Ratio Pulse Ratio (Optional)
Power Supply 230V AC +/-20% 50Hz

Vibration Meter, Data Logging & Acquisitions

We are engaged in offering clients Vibration Meter,Data Logging & Acquisitions products. These are reliable resources for data collection, analysis, logging and control. It also provides support for testing, monitoring and controlling applications. The Data acquisition systems, using analog or digital sensors collect data in real time. further, to ensure error-free and effective data acquisition systems , they are provided with comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales support. They are used in various industries like power, chemical, petrochemical, transportation, oil & gas and steel among others.

Temperature Sensors

We offer qualitative analog and electronic Temperature Sensors. Available in various specifications to sense a varied range of temperatures, these sensors can be used in harsh environments as they can withstand high temperatures and rotating applications. To ensure complete reliability and accuracy, we make sure to calibrate them properly with sensor prototype before commencing production. To maximize sensitivity and sensing distance we conduct comprehensive temperature sensor design and performance analysis.

PCB Cards

We have design PCB cards and insturments for machine control systems for regular basis at low cost price.we are also manufacturing proto type PCB and Instruments on your Requirements.

Alarm Annunciators

Most advanced micro controller 'single-chip' 'embedded system',with unique facility of 'bharani' annunciators constantly assures & ascertains the user 'healthiness' of all circuits in annunciator unit.
Status indicators' provided.
All sequences of operation specified by : 'instrument society of america' [isa] are provided
In built push button switches provided as a standard feature
universal operating voltage' : annunciator unit is provided with 'switched-mode power supply' [smps] and hence capable of operating in either dc or ac volts.
Four 'types' of annunciation with rarirus 'models', grouped sequence of operation-wise "Individual windows" with "snap-fit window frames"
Seven different 'individual window' sizes
Following are site selectable sequence of operation, top/nontrip seqregation of audible alarm & no/nc type field contacts

AMF Controller

Rugged 'Flush-mounted' Unit with Micro Controller technology.
Wide range of Auxiliary Supply : Unit operates between 06 VDC to 35 VDC ~ continuously variable
Withstands 'Cranking-Dropout' dip upto 0 VDC of Auxiliary Supply upto 01 second [maximum]
Continuous supervision of Mains [EB] & DG Breaker status, thus ensuring human & equipment safety.
Internal interlock for Mains & DG Breaker, with LED Indication of respective CB status, for fail safe operation.
Facility to 'Select' : 12V or 24V Battery, with indication & supervision of 'Selected' Battery Voltage status.
TWO spare Terminals for connecting External [Aux. Input] Faults.
LED Fault Annunciation for : Start fail, LLOP, High Engine Temp., Engine Fault, Low Battery, Aux. Faults 1 & 2.
Front Panel Keypad Switches provided for : 'Auto', 'Manual', 'Accept', 'Manual ON/OFF' & 'Emergency STOP'.
Unit has TWO major Modes of Operation ~ viz. : 'Configuration Mode' and 'Run Mode'


VFM Smart Flowmeter
VFM series smart flowmeter is mainly used for measuring flow of industrial pipeline fluid, such as gas, liquid and steam, etc. It has little pressure loss, broad span range and high accuracy. It is not under influence of density, pressure, temperature and viscocity when measuring volumetric flow. It has no movable mechanical parts with high reliability and little maintenance.

General Specifications
STANDARD : Q/320831AHH003-2004 JB/T6807-93
MEDIUM : Gas, liquid, steam
CALIBER : Flange holding (clamp-on) type : 25, 32, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200
Flange connection type : 100, 150, 200
MEASURING RANGE : Normal range of flow speed : Reynold number 1.5 * 104 ~ 4 * 106; gas 5~50m/s; liquid 0.5~7m/s
Normal range of flow rate : Liquid, gas flow range-sheet2;steam flow range-sheet 3
ACCURACY : Class 1.5
TEMPERATURE : Normal temperature -25oC ~100oC High temperature -25oC ~150oC -25oC ~250oC
OUTPUT SIGNAL : Pulse voltage output signal : Square wave pulse
Current remote signal : 4 ~ 20 mA, transmission distance 100m
ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS : Temperature: -25oC ~+55oC humidity: 5~90%
MATERIAL : SS, Aluminum Alloy
POWER : 24 V DC or lithium battery 3.6V
EX : Exd II BT4


Features detailed product description digital counter with 8 digit event counting. The digital counter has battery backup to save the count. Input signal suitable for contact/make break, limit switch, proximity sensor, photo-electric switch, infra-red sensor, rotary encoder or any other sensor giving pulse output. o Cmos/lsi design for high reliability and accuracy. No moving parts as in electro-mechanical counters. o Reset by front push button or external contact. o Special de-bounce circuit to prevent spurious counts in slow speed/contact make break. o 12v/75ma dc output for proximity sensor/photo sensor o Built in ni-cd rechargeable battery back-up for saving count on power down.
Display : 0. 5 red led 6 digit display for count
Range : 000000 to 99999999
Count inputs : a. Voltage pulse: 12v to 30v dc b. Potential free contact from limit switch/relay/micro-switch
Input frequency : up to 1khz
Sensor supply : +12v dc
Battery back-up : retention of count on power failure using internal rechargeable ni-cd battery
Size : 96mm x 192mm x 110mm
Mounting : panel mounting

3 Attempt Engine Timer