We are a reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of superior quality Process Monitoring and Control Equipment. In addition, we also provide our clients highly reliable Automation products.

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AC Drive

Manufacturer & Supplier of AC Drive. Our product range also comprises of Load Cell Sensors and Strain Guages, PID Temperature controllers and Pressure Sensors and Transmitter.

Sensor Input: Thermocouple: J,E,S & K,
RTD: Cu50, Pt100,
Voltage : 0 ~ 5V, 1 ~ 5V,
Resistance : 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA.
Intrinsic Error : ± 0.5% F.S.± 1 digit.
Sampling Period : Less than 0.3 seconds.
Power Supply : 220V 10% / 50~60Hz,
Power Consumption: Less than 5W.
Output Specifications: Relay Contact Switch,
Solid-State Relay
Single Phase Thyristor zero-crossing trigger signal,
Inverse Parallel Connection or Thyristor Power Module.
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C.
Humidity : 0 ~ 85% RH.
Dimensions : 48mm x 48mm x 100mm.

PID Temperature Controller

UC508 economy is a Microcontroller based Digital PID Process/ TEmp. Controller, which can be applied in high-precision measurement and control of temperature, pressure,discharge, liquid level and humidity etc... A four-digit LCD dual display showsmeasured value and set-value for all programming parameters. Instrument configuration is achieved from the front panel keyboard, without any hardware change.The user should read this manual thoroughly before using the instrument. It must be handled with care and should be used accordingly for best results.
1. Input signal: Thermocouple, RTD, direct voltage, current programmed from the front panel. 2. Outputs can be set on-off control or PID control with configurable direct/reverse action modes. 3. The input uses digital correction system; there is nonlinear correction form of communal used thermocouple and resistance thermometer detector. 4. Control output modes hold out relay contact switch, solid-state relay driving voltage, and singlephase thyristor zero-crossing trigger signal etc. 5. Comprehensive self-detection and protection. In case of error, it provides automatic repair or prompt message and closes the output.
2.2 Technical Parameters
Input Signals: Refer to table 6.1 Input Signal Intrinsic error: ± 0.5% FS ± 1 digit Sampling period: less than 0.3s Working power supply: 220V 10%/50~60Hz, power consumption less than 5W. Control modes (freely changeable with keypad):  On-off control (configurable direct/reverse action and differential gap)  PID control (configurable direct/reverse action, manual or automatic of PID parameters) Alarm modes (freely changeable with keypad):  One way of programmable alarm output is provided with a number of alarm modes including higher limit, lower limit (Relay output).  In addition, the alarm feature can also be temporarily disabled when applying the power. Output specifications:  Output module of relay contact switch: Normally open (absorbed by varistor), 30VDC/2A, 240VAC/2A.  Output module of solid-state relay (SSR) driving voltage: 12VDC/25mA.  Output module of single-phase thyristor zero-crossing trigger signal: 100~380VAC/50~60Hz, capable of triggering  5-500A TRIAC or 2 SCRs in inverse parallel connection or thyristor power module. Operating Environment: Recommended Temperature: 0~50 Relative Humidity: ≤ 85%RH

Temperature Transmitter

The ATxBlock is a 2-wire in-head temperature transmitter, microprocessor based designed for the flexibility of accepting mV, Pt100 and a variety of thermocouples as the input sensor. The ATxBlock delivers a scalable linear 4-20mA or 0-10V output signal proportional to the sensor temperature. User-friendly configuration software is provided for parameter setup, including sensor type, temperature range,filter, etc.

Technical Parameters
Sensor input: User defined. The supported sensors are listed in table 6.2 ATxBlock Input Sensors, along with their maximum ranges and minimum span. Thermocouples: Types J, K, R, S, T, N, B and E, according to IEC 60584 (ITS-90). Impedance >> 1 M Pt100: Excitation: 180 A. 2 or 3-wire connection (for 2-wire sensors, tie terminals 2 and 3 together). = 0.00385, according to IEC 60751(ITS-90). Voltage: 0 ~ 50mV dc. Impedance: 1 M Total accuracy: Better than 0.25% of the maximum range for thermocouples and 0,15% for Pt100 and voltage; Response Time: < 100 ms; Output: 2-wire 4-20 mA, linear with respect to the measured temperature. Resolution: 0.004 mA (12 bits). Power supply: 12 to 35 Vdc, across the transmitter; Maximum load (RL): RL (max.)= (Vdc – 12) / 0,02 [] Where: Vdc= Power supply voltage Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 °C Humidity: 0 to 90% RH Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2 Polarity inversion protection: Internal No isolation between the sensor and the 4-20mA loop. Cold junction compensation for thermocouples.

Thermo Couple Calibrator

Clients can avail from us a quality tested range of Temperature and Thermocouple Calibrator. These instruments are fabricated from best-in-class raw material, and their flaw less design conforms to the latest industry standards. Used in calibration of various temperature related equipment like thermocouple, they are highly appreciated for demonstrating precise performance characteristics and durable nature. A thermocouple is mainly used for practical measurement of temperature using a predictable and repeatable relationship between temperature and voltage.

Thermo Couple

We are offering our clients high quality Thermocouples formed by a junction between two different types of metal. These junctions are kept at different temperatures which produces a voltage relative to the temperature difference. These instruments are mainly used for converting the heat energy into electric power. Furthermore, they can also be used as a sensor for measurement and control.

Thermo Well

We are engaged in providing the clients with a diverse range of Thermo well. Designed as per the latest industrial standards, they come in two different form factors, which includes bar stock drilled and fabricated thermo. Their high demand can be credited to the cost-effective prices at, which they can be availed. Besides, our quality inspectors make sure that every product is in compliance with various international standards.

Temperature Control Panel

Temperature Control Panels: are designed to be installed into almost any temperature application. Our control panels are pre-wired, and labeled for easy confident installation. We provide Terminals for all Control wiring. Simply attach your heater, power wiring, and thermocouple (not included) and you are ready to run. Systems come complete with the following:

  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Fused incoming voltage
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (sized for load)
  • Heavy Duty Contactors (as req.)
  • Control Transformers (as req.)
  • Pilot Light ( HEAT ON ) optional
  • Power On/Off Selector switch
  • RTD Simulator

    The RTD Simulator is a precision simulator for PT100 0.3850 platinum resistance elements used for accurate temperature measurement. It follows the PT100 scale from 0°C to +200°C with 10 set points. High performance metal film resistors are used throughout which ensures a good temperature coefficient and long term stability. The specification is in accordance with DIN EN 60751 (ITS 90). Offering high accuracy across the full operating range of PT100 devices it exceeds the performance of Class A & B. The 1049 will be of particular interest to those operating in the –60 to +60°C range where a performance exceeding Class A (e.g. better than +/- 0.15°C at 0°C), is required. Since the RTD Simulator output is a purely passive resistance it will operate with all types of PT100 measuring equipment including the live systems using pulsed, or interrupted excitation current. As a PT100 simulator for temperature measurement equipment it offers high stability and ease-of-use.